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Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. They are our constant companions and mean much more to us than most other gadgets we possess. Mobile covers are used to secure mobile phones from wear and tear or in some extreme cases from accidental falls. However, nowadays it also helps serve another function for almost everyone by acting as a layer that can be decorated and displayed according to a person’s own choice. This has been made possible with the advancement and introduction of various design trends which can be used to give a new look to one’s simple mobile case

Make My Apparel is your one-stop online portal to buy the best mobile phone covers and cases in an assortment of colors, designs and personalize options.Wide range of fun and quirky mobile back covers like funny ,sports,monogram and many other designs available to buy.So, if you are in search of trendiest cases for your phone, then you can visit the Homepage of Make My Apparel. The online site has been into this business for many years and has also been the most searched and trusted when it comes to purchasing printed back covers for mobiles of any variant

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Make My Apparel is a popular web store where you can purchase mobile covers that comes in various designs and options for personalization. Getting durable and good quality phone cases is extremely important to safeguard your gadgets against accidental falls, liquid spills, or wear and tear due to regular uses.

Most smartphone users search for mobile cover online that not only protect their devices but also display attractive designs as per their choices. To customize their mobile covers with their pictures of unique artwork, many of them visit our website. You can also visit our Homepage to customize and purchase the trendiest phone cases at an affordable price.

Make My Apparel is the most trusted and searched website for customers when it comes to printing personalized back covers for mobile devices of any variant. Our mobile cases can be customized by adding a 3D print of photographs along with special effects to make them more memorable.

Popular Variations in Mobile Covers Trending in Online Stores

Electronic gadgets including smartphones, iPhones, or mobile devices are vulnerable to extreme heat, cold, moisture, dust, dirt, and other harsh environmental factors. This is why cases and covers are the best accessories in the mobile market to protect devices from mechanical damages and other impacts. Random covers are no longer attracting phone users as online platforms are flooded with new and trendy fashionable cases.

Before you pick a mobile cover from an online portal like Make My Apparel, there are some essential features you shouldn’t overlook. To select covers with these beneficial features, you need to understand the specialties of their variations.

Protection Level

When it comes to considering the protection aspect of your smartphone, you can pick any of these two variations.

1. Partial – This type of cover can safeguard your mobile from getting damaged in only specific areas like edges.
2. Full – With full protection cases, you can expect complete safety for the device against all kinds of damages. It features waterproof, shockproof, vertical flip, and regular folio cases.

Cover Type

Based on the convenience and style aspects, phone cases can be categorized into different types.

1 Vertical Flip – Looks very much similar to a folio case with no top cover but it protects the device by safeguarding horizontally. It is one of the most popular covers that are made from hard plastic for maximum protection.
2. Folio Case – You can think of them as wallet covers for protecting the back part and the display of the mobile phone. It offers a top covers with a special clear display window for viewing date, time, and caller’s number.
3. Shell Cover – Very much similar to the vertical flip cover and is installed on the phone’s back portion. It doesn’t offer much protection to the phone’s display but effective for safeguarding against minor bumps at a cost-effective price.

Case Material

Some of the popular materials used to make phone covers include

1. Plastic (polycarbonate/polyurethane)
2. Silicon
3. Fabric
4. Metal
5. Metal
6. Leather

Amongst all options, plastic mobile cases are more trending as they are affordable, elastic, wear-resistant, shockproof, and lightweight material.

Get Printed Phone Cases by Visiting Our Online Portal

At Make My Apparel, we offer a wide collection of back covers and mobile cases in an assortment of designs, personalization, and color options. Our covers are made using top-quality, durable plastic, which keeps your device secure in various circumstances. Whether you want to express your personality or creativity through covers or designing them to gift to loved ones, our products can meet the expectation of everyone.

Many of our regular clients include college teens, youngsters, and even couples who like to match their phone covers by browsing our printed products. To purchase an attractive mobile cover online from us, you can create your customer profile on our website and select the product that is ideal for your smartphone. You can also upload your favorite pictures, graphics, or design for personalizing the phone cover as per the requirement.

FAQs on Mobile Covers Available on Make My Apparel

What are the mobile brands for which printed covers can be purchased?

At present, we offer covers for Vivo, Oppo, Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Realme, and Huawei brands.

Which material is used for creating designer phone cases on your website?

Most covers are made using hard polymer plastic to protect phones from accidental bumps and make them resistant to regular scratches.

If we choose to print covers for iPhones, which models are available with you?

You can get personalized or custom printed covers for iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 7, 8, X, XS, 11 pro, 11, 11 pro max, 7 plus, 8 plus, XR, and XS Max models.

How the designs on mobile covers are printed?

Our phone cases are printed using a permanent edge-to-edge printing process.