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T-shirt Printing Online at Make My Apparel

Make My Apparel offers you the best design platform to meet all your personalized needs. Our t-shirts are mage 180 GSM Cotton. We offer different styles of t-shirts and colors. We use different t-shirt printing technique such as screen printing, digital and sublimation printing

Make My Apparel  makes it easy to create custom printed t-shirts. Make Personalized t-shirts with your own  photo and text online .Personalized t-shirts  are the perfect gifts to gift your friends  for birthdays, wedding and anniversary.

 Make customized t-shirts or hoodies in bulk for your college, event or organization. You can use our design tool and add your group’s logo or slogan, as well as any other personal designs.
We also offer design support for your bulk enquires.
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Use Our Design Platform For TShirt Printing And Create Custom Clothing

At Make My Apparel, creating custom printed t-shirts is quite simple and easy as you are provided a versatile design platform for meeting your personalized requirements at a reasonable price range. It allows you to customize your t-shirts with unique artworks, cool texts, and favorite photographs.

Our designers utilize various tshirt printing techniques to personalize products, which you can purchase for yourself or gift others for their wedding, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. We make use of mage 180 GSM cotton materials to create the best quality printed custom t-shirts and hoodies along with custom bulk printing.

Classification of T-Shirt Printing Methods for Customized Printed Products

Various printing techniques are used nowadays to create your favorite t-shirt that you purchase from the market or any online store like Make My Apparel. Once you know these methods that are used for printing t-shirts, it can help to decide the design requirements for your products. Most importantly, to sell customized printed t-shirts online using different design tools, knowing the printing methods can be quite useful for you.

Below are some of the common printing techniques that you can use for printing personalized tees or hoodies.

  • Screen Printing – It is also known as the silkscreen printing technique that makes use of a nylon mesh and a stencil for creating high-quality designs for t-shirts or hooded sweatshirts. This particular printing method is mostly preferred for guaranteeing the ultimate replication of unique and impressive designs on customized tees. Many companies, as well as businesses, select the screen printing method for bulk production of t-shirts that don’t require multicolor and super complex designs.
  • Sublimation Printing – The process of dye sublimation is perfect for tees where the printing works the best on light fabrics. Compared to cotton fabric, the sublimation method produces great printing results on t-shirts made from polyester. This process involves applying a special liquid dye, which dries up as soon as it comes in contact with the polyester fabric and solidifies on its surface. Next, it requires applying the right amount of heat and pressure to complete the printing through sublimation.
    You can choose sublimation printing for t-shirts made of polyester fabric with minimal requirements for enduring designs. Printing tees or hoodies through sublimation can make these products look cute and enhance their durability as well.
  • Digital Printing – Printing using the digital method enables processing favorite artwork via a computer and getting it printed on the surface of your t-shirt. It doesn’t involve any heat transfer method to dry down the ink. If you select this printing process for your t-shirt, the ink will be adhering directly to the fabric. For printing high detailed designs on lighter colored fabrics, this specific technique is mostly preferred for the bulk production of t-shirts in various industries.
  • Heat Press Printing – Often termed as the heat transfer printing method, this process offers a cost-effective solution for small orders of customized t-shirts. It makes use of transfer paper, which is a special type of paper that contains unique artwork or slogans. This specific paper is pressed against the t-shirt area where the design is to be printed. Then applying heat and pressure softens the translucent dye present on the paper until the intended design gets transferred to the cloth.
    For customized printed t-shirts with super complex artwork or designs on light fabrics, the heat press printing process is quite an effective solution.

Get the Best Customized Printing for T-Shirts at Make My Apparel

Many customers choose design tools and customization options on Make My Apparel to obtain personalized t-shirts at an affordable price. We offer an exclusive platform where you can easily create custom clothing by using your own logo, image, clipart, and text. Our top recommended products include t-shirts for women, men, and kids that can be customized with our use ready templates.

At Make My Apparel, we offer templates for various themes including names, years, professions, couples, kids, and pets, which can be printed on your t-shirts. Most of our tshirt printing is done using sublimation, digital, and screen print processes.

FAQs on T-Shirt Printing from Make My Apparel

Do you provide customization and design support for printing t-shirts in bulk?

Yes, we accept bulk orders of custom t-shirt printing for all occasions.

Which occasions do you cover for printing bulk custom wear?

You can get quotes for bachelorette gatherings, birthday parties, college events, and t-shirts for companies or contact us for your specific requirements.