How do I promote my campaign?

I have created my first campaign , now what should I do?

Congrats, you have just created your first campaign. But, your work is still not over yet.

Now, you have to promote your campaign to make sure your campaign is visible to maximum number of people to get maximum sales

Below are the very easy and effective ways to promote your campaign

Social Platforms

The most easy way to promote your campaign by posting on all social platforms. Ask your friends and family to share your campaign links with their friends

Many popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are free. You can post on these platforms to reach a wide audience with free of cost. Post a good image of your product and your campaign link to direct people to your campaign page

Email Marketing

Emails are another way to share your products directly to your friends, family and colleagues.

Whenever contacting people about your products through email be sure to include the campaign link, photos or promotional images, and ask them to help you share the campaign.