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3 pubg t shirt printing methods that work best for customization

Pubg is a game that is preferred by everyone around the globe. Mostly the reason is because of the great animation and graphics that the game uses. In a very short period of time this game has rightly caught the attention of many people. Due to this huge popularity, there has become a strong demand for the pubg t shirt in the market. What you need to do to ensure the help from the best t-shirt is to design it ideally. This will help to add several types of graphics and outlook in the market. When you are thinking of designing the shirts you need to choose a software that will be perfect. Learn to know the software skills to get the possible value of the dealings. Software’s are important when you are designing t-shirts but it is necessary to develop a better product in general. To make the process clear and valued you need to invest in the right printing method as well.

Digitized textile-based printing

The fabric printing business has rightly analyzed the use of these techniques widely around the market. It has provided a way to distinguish the details to a great level. One type of technology that is being used for these processes is that of the inkjet printers and also pretreated shirts. The ink jet printers help the designer of the printing to reach a differentiated level in the market. The reason for these is the best value of work that you get. Inkjet printers help you to get complex designs without any issues. In case of pubg t-shirts too these printing is used to get the designs of the character picture perfect. In addition to these the designs can be readily used on various types of fabric like viscose, linen and fabric form. Choose whoever process you need to get the deal done.

Get to know the possible benefits of using the process:

  • No requirement of additional space for running the inkjet-based printers
  • Any kind of complex designs could be readily done through the use of DTG printing format
  • No need to get bulk forms of orders on a regular basis. You can use the printing for only 2-3 shirts as well
  • Several kinds of color-based combinations are possible through these technique
  • Minimal water requirement, thereby a great source of eco-friendly technique
  • Proper ability to avoid large inventories

Sublimation and dye printing

This is a heat printing method that helps the software to process the design using a medium of heat and value the use as well. There are other heat technologies available in the market which are differentiated based on their own dependency. In the case of these techniques the heat printing helps the dye to essentially turn into gas by simply heating it. The pressure released from the printing device helps the ink to readily transform to a gaseous state from a solid state. There are several pubg t shirt companies that are using this technique for a perfect design. A unique thing that you can view by using these techniques is that the gas essentially becomes a part of the polyester and thereby does not create an additional layer as such.

Effects that you get through these uses:

  • Ability to develop premium designs which are non-layered
  • Breathable and soft fabric
  • Better work on polyblend technique and value the measure

Transfers of plastisol

Are you someone who does not want to invest on an expensive printing machine? If yes, this technique is just made and developed for your own use. Just feel free to access it. It provides you the ability to experiment with the value and look for the beneficial use as well. You need to enter the design that you are looking forward to in these machines, once it is registered it will provide you with the exact look that you need. The only difference is that the design will be created on the plastisol than that of the shirts in general. A very simple heat press technology to provide the best t-shirts.

Possible two benefits of these method:

  • Save preliminary cost to a great level
  • Best for t-shirt printing business and startup deal

Choose whoever design is perfect for you and then go for these techniques to get the deal done. It will surely help you a lot over the period of time. Choose the right company and the deal will be done.


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