What are Template Products?

Template Products allow designers to create partial products leaving behind customizable parts to be edited by the customer when they want to buy the product.

Lets create a Clock design where buyer can change the image.

Step 1

While designing, enable “Sell as template” above the “Sell” button.

Step 2

As you can see in the figure above, we have used one of our templates and placed it on the clock. Click on “Sell” and continue.

Step 3

On the description page, you will find another Question “Can Sell Template”.
Sometimes you will create templates that can be bought as products without any customizations. This checkbox allows that.
If you have this checkbox enabled, you will see “Add To Cart” button on the final product page along with Personalize button.
For this exercise, we will check this box.

Final Product Page

In the final product, you will have two buttons.
One is the “Personalize Template”. Buyers will click on this button to navigate to the buy section. There they can change the image and buy the updated design.

The other button is “Add To Cart”. This button is visible because we had selected “Can Sell Template” while creating the design. This means buyers can buy this design without making any changes.