How do I create Products to sell?

Go to our design section

Click here – /design/

Design Section

1 Choose your style.

We have different styles for men ,women and kids which can be selected from the right column.

2. Choose the Color of Tshirt.

From the left hand side, choose one of the available colors for your tshirt. In the next section, you will have option to choose more colors.

3. Add your design.

There are 3 ways you can add design components.

  • Text: We have a variety a fonts and colors available for text inputs.
  • ClipArts: Use pre-defined designs and customize them by choosing their colors.
  • Images: Upload your own images directly on the Tshirt.

4. Choose any of the above methods to create your Tshirt designs and click on SELL button.
5. Multiple Product Options.

Here, you can choose different styles and colors for your design.

Click on the colors to choose different colors. A tick mark will appear on the selected color.

Choose the different styles to add them. Each style has 2 prices.

  • Base price – It is the cost price of the product. This cost includes the Tshirt price, printing cost and shipping charges.
  • Sale price – The price at which you would like to sell your product

For each sale, your profit will be

profit/sale = Sale price – Base price


6. Campaign Details.

On this page, you have fill details like title, description, tags and campaigning mode.

  • Select a good title for your campaign as this will be associated to your product. It should be ideally relevant to the design or text on the apparel.
  • Write a good description of your campaign to attract buyers.
  • Add hashtags which are relevant to your design. Hashtags are also useful when buyers are searching for particular categories on the platform.

Agree with the terms and conditions of our service.

You can read the terms and conditions here

Click on Begin Campaign and thats it. You have created your first campaign. Your campaign will be sent for approval to our moderators.

We usually approve all campaigns within 24 hrs in working days.

Make sure not to get your campaign disapproved by not violating any of your terms and condition

Click here for all the reasons your campaign may be disapproved