How to create your Facebook Ad?

After choosing engagement as objective, you will redirected to the below page.

How do I choose my Objective?

Here, you can choose country, cities, age group and language


You can choose where ads should be shown in the placement option.

Automatic placements – Facebook optimises its ads on the available placements.

Edit placements – You can manually choose your placements.


To understand in detail about placements, click here…

We recommend to choose edit placements and select Facebook feeds and right column ads, as those placements gives the best result compared to other.

Choose your budget

We recommend to start from a low budget and first test your ad. You can gradually increase your budget after couple of days if your ad is giving you good result.

Facebook gives best results from low budgets for engagement ads.

After choosing your budget your next step is to create your ad.

Before creating your ad, you need to have a facebook page.

If you have still not created your Facebook page, click here to learn how to create a page.

This is one of the most important aspects of creating Facebook ads. For the ad creative, select to create a new ad or choose an existing post that you’ve already published on your page.

You can create an image Ad, Video Ad or a Slideshow.

Upload a good Ad image to gain attention of your audience

Tips for creating good Ad

Always use call to action such as Share with friends, Tag your friends or buy now.

Ask question like would you like to buy this Tshirt? People usually respond to questions.

Choose words like limited edition, Only till stock available. Expiry Date.

You can enter the product price so that only interested buyers will click on your link to buy

Click Confirm and that’s it, you have created your Facebook promotion ad.